quality first

TZS Auto Body started out as TZS Auto Restoration LLC in 2004 and we moved to our present location April of 2005. We named TZS after our three children, Taylor, Zachary, & Sarah; they like the idea.

We operate TZS with one core philosophy; we must provide our customers with quality and reliability; repairs they can trust. Simply stated in the old phase; “what goes around, comes around.” If we don’t take care of you, then we cannot expect to succeed.

The definition of quality is the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something. A quality repair is the sum of its parts and the standards we adhere to throughout the repair. It is in each detail and the accumulation of these details that produces a high quality repair and the degree of excellence.

Some basic quality considerations in the repair process include; where the panels prewashed with wax & grease remover prior to sanding to prevent contamination in the paint? Were all the panels thoroughly prepped to insure proper paint adhesion and chip resistance? Were all the panels fully coated with corrosion protection before final reassembly? Do the repairs match, in terms of fit & finish, to the original panels inside & out? Did the shop review and implement required repair specifications and procedures? The list goes on, however in the end there should be no sign of repair; just complete, thorough, high quality repairs.


What does Quality mean to you? NO Diminished Value

Google “diminished value” and you will find the general definition is accelerated depreciation via post a collision repair that did not restore your vehicle properly to its pre-loss condition resulting in a lower resale, trade in, or lease turn in value. Ultimately this costs you money; for no good reason and it is not acceptable.

We take pride in our workmanship and enjoy taking care of our customers. We have an A+ rating with the BBB of NH. We are a PPG certified paint shop. We are an ASE Master Collision repair facility.


Feel free to swing down, our store hours are

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